KBE Junior Team Expeditions Academy Trip

KBE Junior Team Expeditions Academy Trip

20 November 2018

We had a great half day out on the water, with Anglers ZikkaZ (15yo) and Selim (15yo) and passionate Photographer Adam (12yo). The guys were thrilled with some light casting, catching more than 5 species; Yellow Spotted Trevally, Sweet-Lip Emperor, Dogtooth Tuna (no photo) and Long Tom.

The wind started to pick up early afternoon, but still safe, so they were too tough to try some heavy gear casting (PE8) on some closeby spots. And off we went where ZikkaZ got his first ever GT (blessed to get a smallish one), and Hesh getting another one in mid-twenties. With everyone so stoked getting some Geets on the deck, we decided to pack up, take the wind in our aft and cruise back home safely.

Overall was a great day on the water, and everyone had a blast.

Tight lines ...

P.S. stay tuned with us as we will launch the KBE Team Expeditions for Juniors aged 12-18 where we get the new generations theoretically and practically aware of conservation, catch & release, and Jigging and Popping in general.