Christmas Trip

Christmas Trip

25 December 2018

What a couple of days trip, with some great company; Moe Ehsan and Ahmed Bassuny ...

Boys gave us heads up the night before, and off they came all the way from Alexandria to El Gouna (approx 650Km) for two days fishing. Oh, boy don't you love those last minute decisions, especially when it's gusting 20 knots, and a full moon was just couple of days before!

So off we go 6:30am to face some strong northerly on our side, hitting the first spot (jigging) 15 miles from Marina. We had great fun on some mama sizes Yellowspotted Trevallies, Amberjacks on PE2 and PE3 jigging. Jigs were flying off with the current, while the drift wasn't too bad ... the hard part was that they were feeding on smallish profile jigs, so have to swing the jigs hard against the drift to manage to get the bottom of 80-12m.

The second day we had a better menu, with more species and topped up with few topwater Geets. We were heading to a different spot for a heavy tackle cast, when Moe mentioned let's have a cast on this "super shallow" reef ... and man wasn't he spot on! Boom second cast for Bassuny, landing his first ever GT! He stokes the fish like he's done many times before, with proper winds after each strike ... well done mate getting your first and keeping the barbless in properly with tensioned string. The second one came to Ehsan, and he was an angry foul-hooked big boy ... but what to say, with experienced Angler like this, the fish was on the boat in less than 3 mins.

Overall we had a blast, with most of fish released safely.

The highlight was not only Bassuny getting his first GT on this trip, but also getting his second jigging PE3 in 120m water depth ... oh well, he's hooked for life now poor guy!

Until the next one ... awesome work Bassuny and Ehsan, top blokes.

Thanks for the read

KBE Team