Quick One

Quick One

12 December 2018

Oh well, me and Captain Salama went out for a quick cast, and man wasn't it rough out there!! Gust was around 20Kts but wasn't an issue as much as it was combined with some seas ... not very comfortable when it happens, and you keep going forward as you know Fish will be biting like there's no tomorrow.

Oh well, we reached our points, tried to jig and try the new Simrad Evo 3, but wasn't possible with almost 3Kts drift. So we decided to stick with the cast ... second cast, BOOM, on with a smallish Geet but exploded way above its size grade ... Hanta AJ Killer Popper never fails to deliver! Anyhow, fish landed ... and off we go to the next spot. After few casts, too rough, knew that I needed bigger presence popper, shinier, blacker .... shifted the rod, and tied the Black Ledge VLF 160g. What can I say, that change was spot on ... BOOM, with less splash, but felt like a 50 kegger on the other end. Obviously was very hard to set the hooks with the boat rocking 1 meter in all directions ... but, barbless hooks, and skills from Skipper ... Fish was solid on the other end. A few minutes later, second fish was on the deck and happy chaps on the boat.

We called it a day, as the wind picked up even more, and we knew we'll be getting some seas on boat side on the way back ... again, Skipper knows how to do it, and the boat was awesome handling those big peaks.

Thanks for reading, and until next one .... tight lines.