Good Start for 2019

Good Start for 2019

7 January 2019

Hehe ... as the heading says, it must've been 3-4 DegC when we faced the 18-20Kts wind out to our destination. A 30min ride felt like two hours of hell freezing cold until we got to our first spot for casting. Oh well, paid off at the end.

Off we go and I ask Martin if he's keen to do any jigging, and he's like giving me that face! Ok, I got it, the guy wants to POP only ... so ...

We stopped, and Martin is putting his first popper (Amegari Dzanga 230) for the day, and while he's doing this, I had a cast as we were hauling towards the reef with the wind. Can't explain enough, but in my years of fishing, I never had this ... first cast, first spot, second pop ... BOOM! Oh well, was a nice GT exploding on my Borboleta Ballyhoo 130g in Pink, just to lose it halfway with barbless pulling out; Wasn't warmed up enough I guess.

We struggled the whole day to get them to bite, as weather and chops were all over the place, seriously some few lures worked in those conditions. However, just with the change of tide on the afternoon, and for the last few hours, we got smashed with few that got away, Martin getting his slab, Ali getting few nice fish on light jigging (Bluefin Trevally, Moontail and Coral Trout) ... ended the day with some screams, some laughs.

Luckily wind dropped a bit on the way back, so we took the 30mins ride on 30Kts ... steaming back to get warmer.

Finished the day with a coffee in the Marina Office, then straight to cold one and hot grilled meal.

What a day ... until next one, lovely to have you Mr & Mrs Dye.

P.S looking forward to your 60Kg GT on your next trip.

Tight Lines
KBE Team