Solo Shallow Popping Exploration Trip

Solo Shallow Popping Exploration Trip

22 January 2019

Well, that is one of those days ... where everything was right, and man fish was ON!!

Headed out late morning to throw some light poppers on super shallow grounds, deepest was 25m. Myself and Captain Moe steamed out close by and must've been less than 5 miles from Marina, when I asked him to stop, and off I went with the 30g Hanta AJ Killer on a Daiwa Hyper Certate PE3 Reel, and a FEED Saltworx SWC-73MH. Third cast, BOOM, and my very first (landed) Narrow-barred Spanish Mack on popper ... I had those guys over the years, in various places in the World, but they never commit, especially when they aerial shoot the popper 5 meters above the surface. Anyhow, I guess the tail single on popper's kept it well hooked.

Few more casts, with no more luck on the Spaniards. So, we headed to another reef that looked also "fishy", and popped it hard for around half an hour, till this beauty of a Black Banded AJ slammed my popper, and straight down into the reef. Half an hour later of this dirty fight, the fish decided to surface ... and I must've sworn that it's a grouper. Never had an AJ that shallow and not to mention it's my first top-water ... Oh, yah!

Off we get the Micro-Jigging out, and this is by far the weapon for the local waters here ... will never let you down, but to hope for such a size Yellow-spotted Trevally on 10g jig, and PE1 setup and that shallow was an extremely long shot for me! As mentioned, it was THE DAY for me, where we had few "first-time" fish landed.

Until the next one ... tight lines

KBE Team