Stefano Tammaro with KBE Team Expeditions

Stefano Tammaro with KBE Team Expeditions

12 October 2019

Well, where to start?. Certainly one of the funniest and most passionate Anglers we've seen so far.

Stefano Tammaro is a very "know what to do" Italian who flew all the way from Milano with his Mrs to enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea and to fish with us. We had a blast fishing together, and you know it when you see such an environmentally oriented, sustainable fishing Angler, that all will go smoothly. 

We had some good sessions and some quiet ones, but both went epic. The best part was, getting Stefano his PB GT which He's been chasing for a while. How it feels like capturing that moment?. nothing is more rewarding. It made my day and the entire trip seeing his face after reviving and releasing this one. I'm taking the pride to share the video not only because of the species nor the size of the fish but the video noting the proper way to fish, the bent, the composure, the pumping that all boils down to proper technique and how well he executes it. See the video on our YouTube Channel, and don't forget to subscribe to see more videos and again your support is always appreciated (KBE Team Expeditions YouTube). 

We will leave the photos to do the talking, and the smiles to do the impressions of fishing in one of the best fishing destinations on this Planet.

Thanks for fishing with us Stefano, and hope to see you again in October as planned.

Until then, work hard, so you can pop harder!

Hesh El-Brollosy

KBE Team