Perfect Trip with Jiri & Boys

Perfect Trip with Jiri & Boys

24 November 2019

That was such a challenging and rewarding three days trip.

It was great having such Anglers to visit us from the Czech Republic: Jiri, Martin, Ladislab & Michal, those are the type of Anglers we really like to host! Oh boy, those guys worked really hard, despite the bad weather conditions in the second and third day. 

We had a very nice start where the guys nailed 4 GTs before 11 am, just before we headed off to a nice light casting session. Later on, we checked the weather forecast update, just to find out that wind will change to southerly second and third days, and that's the worst fishing condition in this part of the World! 

Oh well, couldn't do much other than enjoying the calm seas second day, covering a round trip of 200Kms, and man did they stop casting and jigging ... HELL NO! We must have changed a million lure, sizes, color, floating, sinking, you name it, we tried it. 

Comes third day, and it was even worse, where its blowing and gusting up to 20kts, well that's fine, but with the south winds?. GRRR!! The boys didn't give up hope and got rewarded. Topwater was almost dead and we managed to suss out the deep, and then deeper until such time when GTs showed up on 120m depths. We lost a couple of really decent fish, one was what we've expected to be easy 30Kg plus doggie.  But something special grace the occasion, the First Egyptian Mighty Mahi on board that wrapped up the trip. 

The boys had a blast and went home happy and satisfied with the trip and hopefully will see them again in a few months sometime in Feb 2020 nailing some Yellowfins!

Until then, all the best guys.  You've been absolute legends and easy-going guests to our beautiful seas.

Enjoy the photos, and thanks for reading.

Tight lines,


KBE Team