Zephyrus Italy Team Trip

Zephyrus Italy Team Trip

13 March 2019

Was certainly one of those trips when every single one enjoyed to the extreme. Despite the bad weather and northerly wind hauling between 15-20Kts, we managed to get out slowly and toss those lures around.

The first-day forecast was good, so asked the boys if they want to spend most of it jigging, and heck ya they said. We had some miles to cover, and spots to hit, but apparently fish were off, ending up with only a few AJs and YS Trevallies, as well as the Mack Tuna that hits jigs on the way up and down. 

So we insisted on getting amongst some Geets, with only one thing in the plate ... GET ME MY FIRST GT!! Steaming to the first spot, making up some lost time cause of weather slowing us right down, hitting this spot right in tide time. Boys popped like there's no tomorrow, and man did it payback!! First was the lucky man Fabio with his first ever GT, quick snap session, release leaving him with a kids happiness of Christmas Presents.

Leaving Carlo and Giovani with some pressure to beat that one, BAM goes Carlo with his "FIRST EVER" GT .... oh man that was a wild one, and has certainly put his temper to the test :) Will never laugh as much as I laughed that day, listening to Carlo swearing and cursing GT fishing all together, and that this is his first and last ... guess what he was doing 10 mins later!! loooool ... back on casting his a**s off!

Can't leave with Giovani without landing his first, not to mention his Egyptian GT. Again, popping those waters like never done in his life .... off he goes with a big explosion, and a dorsal fin foul hooked GT in the late 30Kgs! Took three guys to lift that dude, and safely boating him for a photo session. Boys ended the day with a great score, and catch/landed rate.

Here comes the second day, with more wind as predicted. Boys just slayed that day with their light casting Zephyrus jigs, in fast and slow action. They must've managed more than 30 Sweet-lip and Spangled Emperors, not to mention the mega ones that opened hooks, broke lines. Everyone loved it, only keeping a couple for their Dinner later on, releasing the rest to fight another day. Was an absolute stonker of a day, and boys came back with wild smiles and great laughs.

Off we go to the third day; GTs - checked, Light Casting Mayhem - checked, Jigging - checked .... so .... let's repeat! We started with light casting, landing few Mack Tunas, Emperors and the odd groupers and wrasses. Then plan was to get to GT later in the day, to hit the tide again, but the boat was rocking all the way, with almost 22Kts hitting our boat side while casting. Right on some spots, here we go Giovani with biggest of the trip, 42Kg weighted! Another one for that true lucky guy, hitting his GTs right and left, without missing a beat of getting a foul hooked one, or big mama 42'er on his line.

We will certainly eagerly wait for those AWESOME guys to visit again, until next time ...

Team Review on our Facebook page … “Amazing experience, nothing to add, great fishes on an amazing boat surrounded by the beauty of red sea!!”

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