KBE Team along with International Legends

KBE Team along with International Legends

3 May 2019

Well, as the title says ... how else can it be more enjoyable than fishing with Professionals, flying from Oman and USA to cast and drop for your local Red Sea Fish!

We had Mr Swordfish Expert, Robert “Fly” Navarro from Fly Zone Fishing onboard to mentor us on catching them, but it's fishing at the end of the day, no guarantee that we will always be catching. We spent two days dropping for them, with no bites, but we marked a few good grounds, and sounder marked a few potential Swordy, but not keen to take it.  Talking about the personal level, we had an absolute blast of a few days cruising with a boat from El Gouna all the way 50nm North. We tried it and caught fish on all, except the long waits with no luck on the mighty Broadbill. 

Mr Quinton of Zighy Bay Sports Fishing in Northern Oman; Oh I've known Q for quiet a few years now, but I realised that if you don't fish with someone then you don't really know them. Q is such a gentleman and so much fun to be around. Talking about GT fishing, Q managed to get couple of nice Geets, and lost a few ... He was popping like a machine. Full respect to his passion and commitment to this type of fishing.

Will leave you with photos, but overall was such a nice trip, that will be remembered for a very long time. Boys have left back home already but we miss them already.

Just like one of the gentlemen said after our first day trip, it is not just about catching the biggest and rarest fish, it is about sharing your experience, creating memories and having fun while fishing.

Until next one ... Tight Lines


KBE Team