Tough One Season One Trip Feb 20-22 2020

Tough One Season One Trip Feb 20-22 2020

20 February 2020

#toughone trip Season One … Trip 20-22 Feb INSANE action; with Yasser, Emad, Waheed, Hassan, Craigo and William joined on the mothership on Wednesday 19th and disembarked on Sunday 23rd, leaving them in pain fishing hard for 3 full days, easy 10 hours a day.

Wake up call first day at 5 am, weather was so rough to join the fishing centre consoles (#occy and #bluebird), so had a late morning start, enjoying the steam to locations on the 82ft comfortable ride. We had some action on popping with Craigo landing first two Geets for the trip, and some others losing a fair bit. Off we go to bed with some strained muscles, early enough to 4:30 am wake up call for Day 2. We had few first light casts on a nearby reef but didn’t have much action so, with better weather, Guides called it off to steam a bit far. Oh man, and what a call it was … hell broke loose with ZikkaZ (Guide) throwing in the first cast at arrival until boys get ready … BOOM tight with his PB Geet, and even side hooked with a @skygreylures prototype popping pencil. From then, it was almost every second cast on both boats, tight, tighter and even tighter. We ended the day with 10 GTs on boats, and more than 15 between reefed, barbless hooks pulled, or gear failing!!

Comes Day 3, and we knew and planned that weather will be rough, so we have to fish close by the mothership, and take the northerly wind on our aft. We had some misses throughout the day, but to be honest, not sure if boys had any stamina left to fight another one hehe.

Few points to highlight … we had bananas on the mothership, and to make it even worse, the fact that Craig ate one!!! Straight after we left from breakfast first day, He landed the first couple of GTs of the trip … oh well, you’d expect what everyone did afterwards hehe. Was bananas on breakfast, lunch and even take a couple to sleep with after dinner lol.

Overall, was a great trip, boys absolutely LOVED it, everyone in his thoughts had something positive to enjoy. But what gave us the feeling is that they all coming back sometime SOON for another one, of Tough One.  Notably, with an experienced angler like William mentioned, this is his best GT trip ever not to mention that he lands the GT's on his prototype lures, plus for new anglers to encounter their first GT experience I suppose we made the trip worthy and memorable… KBE Team Expeditions & Blue Bird Charters.

Until next one, see you all in April with some top anglers joining us from all over the World.

KBE Team